By Michael Dorn Moody

Directed by Leonard Peters

With Jeff Daniels, Emily Hacker, Daniel Hugh-Kelly, Jack R. Marks, Lynn Milgrim, Edward Seamon

Scenic Design by Leslie Johnson
Costume Design by Irene Nolan
Lighting Design by Steve Shereff
Sound Design by Gary Harris
Production Stage Manager Gerard J. Campbell

This production was dedicated to Walter McGinn and John Cazale.

"The Shortchanged Review is a powerful, important commentary of the 'me' decade. It sharply depicts the shattering of dreams and ideals that once moved and directed this country to action in everyday life, as well as in politics." - Mike Perreca, The Setonian

"An explosive drama." - The West Side Weekly


By Michael Weller

Directed by Carole Rothman

With Brooke Adams, Pamela Blair, Polly Draper, John Heard, Rick Lieberman, Paul McCrane, Chip Zien

Scenic Design by Heidi Landesman
Costume Design by Irene Nolan
Lighting Design by Victor En Yu Tan
Sound Design by Gary Harris
Production Stage Manager Loretta Robertson

This production was dedicated to Carole L Kuebler.

"Split is the kind of show that makes you excited to be a theater-goer. John Heard is absolutely outstanding." - Joanna Langfield, WCMA

"Carole Rothman assembles an unusually strong cast for this production and handles them with an easy-going subtlety that precisely suits the author's intention." - Howard Waxman, Show Business

"Michael Weller has done his playwright colleagues a favor by proving in Split that people talk as well as they ever did. All that's needed for more good contemporary plays are playwrights who can organize the exchanges that are right in front of us." - Christopher Sharp, Women's Wear Daily

"A superior production." - Variety


By Corinne Jacker

Directed by Caymichael Patten

With Vic Polizos, Verna Bloom, Robert Fields, Robyn Goodman, Lynn Milgri

Scenic Design by Michael Smith
Costume Design by Denise Romano
Lighting Design by Victor En Yu Tan
Sound Design by Gary Harris
Production Stage Manager Jonathan Silver

"Bits and Pieces jumps right into the audience's lap and stays there until the curtain falls. Any play that's as neatly designed and as thoroughly entertaining as Bits and Pieces deserves to be welcomed with open arms." - Robert Santelli, The Aquarian

"Corinne Jacker's characters are deftly fleshed out and wring the best from Jacker's wonderfully darkish humor." - Don Nelson, The Daily News

"Caymichael Patten has assembled a first-rate cast. Robyn Goodman, a tall and fiesty actress, manages to make Iris seem both irritating and tender; her sexual hunger for her husband is ravenous without ever being carnivorous. Robert Fields is a constant delight." - Frank Rich, The New York Times