Season 36, 2014-2015
Second Stage show archives:




By Terrence McNally

Directed by Peter DuBois

With Michael Chernus, Tracee Chimo, America Ferrera, Austin Lysy

Scenic Design by Alexander Dodge
Costume Design by ESosa
Lighting Design by Justin Townsend
Sound Design by Fitz Patton
Production Stage Manager Lori Ann Zepp
Stage Manager Alisa Zeljeznjak

“One of Terrence McNally's finest plays!”
A tender, subtly drawn comedy-drama. - The New York Times

“AN ELEGANT REVIVAL.  All four actors are excellent.” - New York Post

Illustration: Josue Evilla. Photos (top to bottom): Austin Lysy, Michael Chernus, America Ferrera; Tracee Chimo, Michael Chernus; America Ferrera, Michael Chernus; America Ferrera, Austin Lysy; By Joan Marcus.


By Stephen Adly Guirgis

Directed by Austin Pendleton

with Victor Almanzar, Elizabeth Canavan, Rosal Colón, Liza Colón-Zayas, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Ron Cephas Jones, Michael Rispoli

Scenic Design by Walt Spangler
Costume Design by Alexis Forte
Lighting Design by Keith Parham
Original Music & Sound Design by Ryan Rumery
Production Stage Manager David Sugarman
Stage Manager Jeff Brancato

★ ★ ★ ★!” - The New York Times, Time Out New York, NY Daily News

“A rich new play deliciously mounted!  It is a dizzying and exciting place to be!” - The New York Times

"This is the kind of rich, dynamic theater you almost never see anymore—fresh, savage and original."
"Like a stick of dynamite, it shines a laser light on the shadowy aspects of being a black cop, fighting the system, and never giving up or giving in." - NY Observer

“A quintessentially New York play brought to roaring life. A love/hate song to this impossible town and its outlandish citizenry.” - Variety

“Tender, Gritty, Shocking” - NY Daily News

“Filled with biting humor and wonder.” - USA Today

Photos: Illustration by Josue Evilla; Stephen McKinley Henderson & Rosal Colón; Stephen McKinley Henderson & Elizabeth Canavan; Stephen McKinley Henderson & Victor Almanzar; LIza Colón-Zayas; Stephen McKinley Henderson & Ron Cephas Jones (Photos by Carol Rosegg)


By Neil LaBute

Directed by Leigh Silverman

With Thomas Sadoski & Amanda Seyfried

Scenic Design by Neil Patel
Costume Design by Emily Rebholz
Lighting Design by Matt Frey
Sound Design by Bart Fasbender
Production Stage Manager David H. Lurie
Stage Manager Amanda Kosack

“Sexy, starry, dangerously irresistible!” - The New York Times

"Amanda Seyfried is a knockout." - The New York Times

“Thomas Sadoski is as good as it gets!" - The Daily News

“80 minutes of love, sex, and compelling performances.” - USA Today

“Wild, sexy, and provocative.” - The Hollywood Reporter

Show Art: Photo: Robert Ascroft, Illustration: Josue Evilla. Photos: Thomas Sadoski & Amanda Seyfried (Photos by Joan Marcus)


By Dick Scanlan & Sherie Rene Scott

Directed by Michael Mayer & Dick Scanlan

With Derrick Baskin, Nicholas Christopher, Chris Myers, Ryan Quinn, Sherie Rene Scott, Daniel J. Watts, Donald Webber Jr.

Scenic Design by Christine Jones & Brett Banakis
Costume Design by ESosa
Lighting Design by Donald Holder
Production Stage Manager Gary Mickelson
Stage Manager Ralph Stan Lee

“RIVETING THEATER! A funny and moving new play with superlative performances from a superb cast.” - The New York Times

“★ ★ ★ ★! A penetrating, timely reminder of the precarious nature of justice.” - Time Out New York

“TOUCHING AND ENLIGHTENING. Only the hardest heart would stay unmoved.” - The Huffington Post

“DRAMATICALLY REWARDING. VERY TOPICAL. But more than anything else it's also highly entertaining.” - NY1

“LED BY THE REMARKABLE SHERIE RENE SCOTT, THE CAST IS EXCELLENT WITHOUT EXCEPTION. The beautifully staged Whorl has a mysterious, searching quality that’s very rare for contemporary plays.” - New York Magazine 

“THE CAST IS STELLAR. Not since HBO's 'The Wire' has there been such a stellar, dynamite ensemble of actors” - New York Post 

Photo: Robert Ascroft Photos: Derrick Baskin, Nicholas Christopher, Chris Myers, Ryan Quinn, Sherie Rene Scott, Daniel J. Watts, Donald Webber Jr. (Photos by Joan Marcus)


By Emily Schwend

Directed by Lucie Tiberghien

With John Doman, James Kautz, Bhavesh Patel, Samantha Soule

Scenic Design by Kris Stone 
Costume Design by Beth Goldenberg
Lighting Design by Matthew Richards
Sound Design by Broken Chord
Production Stage Manager Lori Ann Zepp
Stage Manager Caroline Schreiber

"With Samantha Soule’s persuasive performance, Emily Schwend spikes a ghost story with a twist of feminism still thriving in the after-life." - The New York Times

“Real thrills and quite a few chills. Samantha Soule is mesmerizing as a woman in constant battle with her own demons.” - Variety

 “Samantha Soule’s performance is haunting and shivery. John Doman, James Kautz and Bhavesh Patel are strong. Ghost hunting could result in a closer encounter than prepared for.” - Entertainment Weekly

 “In a landscape where horror movies are amplified with a plethora of effects, The Other Thing has the same effect, with eerie lights and music and just four cast members.” - Entertainment Weekly

Photos: Samantha Soule & John Doman; James Kautz; Bhavesh Patel & Samantha Soule (Photos: Joan Marcus).


By Fernanda Coppel

Directed by Lisa Peterson

With Michael Cullen, Jeremie Harris, Russell G. Jones, Caroline Lagerfelt, Irene Sofia Lucio, Karen Pittman 

Scenic Design by Dane Laffrey
Costume Design by Jessica Pabst
Lighting Design by Tyler Micoleau
Sound Design by Darron L. West
Fight Director Corey Pierno
Production Stage Manager Lori Ann Zepp
Stage Manager Alisa Zeljeznjak

“Karen Pittman is powerful, fierce, smart, and sexy.” - The New York Times

“Powerful and riveting! Keeps you gasping with excitement.” - New York Observer

Photos: Karen Pittman; Karen Pittman, Irene Sofia Lucio, & Jeremie Harris; Michael Cullen & Karen Pittman; Karen Pittman & Russell G. Jones (Photos: Carol Rosegg).