Season 33, 2011-2012
Second Stage show archives:




By Jim Bauer & Ruth Bauer

Choreography by Chase Brock

Directed by Will Pomerantz

With Sebastian Arcelus, Marc Kudisch, Meghan McGeary, Joseph Medeiros, Julia Osborne, Graham Rowat, Aaron Serotsky, Teal Wicks

Scenic Design by Beowulf Boritt
Costume Design by Ann Hould-Ward
Lighting Design by Donald Holder
Sound Design by Dan Moses Schreier
Production Design & Film Supervision by Aaron Rhyne
Films by Jim Bauer and Ruth Bauer
Music Director Dominick Amendum
Music Supervision by Dominick Amendum
Orchestrations by Jim Bauer
Production Stage Manager Diane DiVita
Stage Manager Neil Krasnow

"An ambitious and visually arresting musical about art, politics, culture, science, and really everything else."- Associated Press

"From pre-war europe to 1950's New York, The Blue Flower is ravishing, entrhalling, and the best new musical since Spring Awakening" - Bloomberg News

"An adventurous, one-of-a-kind and perhaps unforgettable affair. A musical theater piece as rare and provacative as a blue flower." - Variety

"Intensely creative and exhilerating! exotic and playful, suffused with empathy, this "flower" blooms with a haunting beauty." - Backstage

"One of the season's most electrifying and unmissable musicals. The Blue Flower is so exquisitely crafted and realized...a moving and magnificent work." - Talkin' Broadway

Photos: (center) Sebastian Arcelus, Marc Kudisch; (bottom) Meghan McGeary, Graham Rowat, Marc Kudisch, Sebastian Arcelus, Teal Wicks. (Photos: Joan Marcus)


By Paula Vogel

Directed by Kate Whoriskey

With Norbert Leo Butz, Kevin Cahoon, Elizabeth Reaser, Jennifer Regan, Marnie Schulenburg

Scenic Design by Derek McLane
Costume Design by Jenny Mannis
Lighting Design by Peter Kaczorowski
Original Music and Sound Design by Rob Milburn & Michael Bodeen
Production Stage Manager Bryce McDonald
Stage Manager Sara Cox Bradley

"Elizabeth Reaser is wonderful! Norbert Leo Butz is spellbinding!" - Daily News

"Motored by two terrific leads, this play delivers an emotional wallop as shattering as a high-impact collision.” - Daily News

"A marvelous must-see. Missing it is out of the question!" - New York Observer

"This work is a gift!" - Newsday


Photos: (center) Elizabeth Reaser and Norbert Leo Butz (bottom) Kevin Cahoon, Marnie Schulenburg, Norbert Leo Butz, Jennifer Regan, Elizabeth Reaser. (Photos: Joan Marcus)


By Paul Weitz

Directed by Trip Cullman

With Mark Blum, Lisa Emery, Topher Grace, Christopher Jackson, Maureen Sebastian, Olivia Thirlby

Scenic Design by Mark Wendland
Costume Design by Emily Rebholz
Lighting Design by Matt Frey
Production Design by Aaron Rhyne
Sound Design by Bart Fasbender
Production Stage Manager Lori Ann Zepp
Stage Manager Ashley J. Nelson

"Wonderful! Topher Grace and Olivia Thirlby seduce us unconditionally." - The New York Times

"Full of comic grace and sharp humor." - New York Post

"Topher Grace is irresistible. Second Stage scores again!" - Variety

"A touching, poignant and winsome comedy." - The Wall Street Journal

"Inredible! A dynamite play rich in laughter. The cast is phenomenal." - Associated Press

Photos: (center) Olivia Thirlby and Topher Grace; (bottom) Topher Grace. (Photos: Joan Marcus)


Book by Peter Duchan

Music and Lyrics by Benj Pasek & Justin Paul

Choreography by Christopher Gattelli

Based on the Warner Bros. Film

Screenplay by Bob Comfort

Directed by Joe Mantello

With Annaleigh Ashford, Becca Ayers, Nick Blaemire, Steven Booth, Dierdre Friel, Adam Halpin, F. Michael Haynie, Derek Klena, Lindsay Mendez, James Moye, Josh Segarra

Scenic Design by David Zinn
Lighting Design by Paul Gallo
Sound Design by Fitz Patton
Hair Design by Joshua Marquette
Music Director Bryan Perri
Music Coordinator Michael Keller
Orchestrations by Michael Starobin
Vocal Arrangements by Justin Paul
Production Stage Manager Diane DiVita
Stage Manager Jenna Woods

"Dogfight is something special! Studded with impressive songs, an unexpected love affair, and a genuine and charming soul." - Associated Press

"An intimate little heart-breaker of beguiling freshness." - Newsday

"Easily the most delicate, surprising musically satisfying score since Spring Awakening. You gotta hear Dogfight sing!" - Time Out New York

"Poignant, funny, and totally endearing." - New York Observer

"Terrific! Definitely a hit! Second Stage has brought us a winner again. Go see it - twice!" - WOR Radio

Photos: (center) Steven Booth, Nick Blaemire, F. Michael Haynie, Derek Klena, Josh Segarra; (bottom) Lindsay Mendez, Derek Klena. (Photos: Joan Marcus)


By Alena Smith

Directed by Hal Brooks

With Michael Braun, Roe Hartrampf, James McMenamin, Tobias Segal, Raviv Ullman

Scenic Design by Jason Simms
Costume Design by Jessica Pabst
Lighting Design by Seth Reiser
Sound Design by Ryan Rumery
Production Stage Manager Kyle Gates
Stage Manager Colleen M. Sherry

"An absorbing and perceptive comedy-drama aided by the consistently appealing cast and smoothly directed by hal brooks." - The New York Times

"Ms. Smith displays a perceptibe understanding of the male ego. The men's contrasting voices are captured with a natural ease that makes them stand on their own as believable and memorable." - The New York Times

"Alena Smith's drama about sticky male bonding asks pertinent questions regarding the judgments we make about one another and when things have crossed a line." - Time Out New York

"Well-directed by Hal Brooks, Alena Smith hands the excellent cast juicy lines marinated in testosterone." - New York Post

"With its terrific presentations, second stage's uptown theater has become a place to discover little gems" - NY Daily News

Photos: (center) Tobias Segal, Michael Braun, Raviv Ullman, Roe Hartrampf; (bottom) James McMenamin, Michael Braun. (Photos: Joan Marcus)


By Kenneth Lin

Directed by Evan Cabnet

With Louis Ozawa Changchien, Katharine Powell, David Rasche

Scenic Design by Andromache Chalfant
Costume Design by Jessica Pabst
Lighting Design by Japhy Weideman
Sound Design by Jill BC DuBoff
Production Manager Robert G. Mahon III
Production Stage Manager Lori Ann Zepp
Stage Manager Ashley J. Nelson

"This smart, tight, topical 90-minute tale of political maneuvering assembles an ace cast. When you think all has been said and done, it delivers a final surprise move." - New York Daily News

"Kenneth Lin's Warrior Class is not only smart, it's also politically potent material for an election year." - Variety

"This Second Stage Uptown production makes me want to see what rising talent Lin writes next." - New York Daily News

Photos: (center) David Rasche; (bottom) Katharine Powell, Louis Ozawa Changchien. (Photos: Carol Rosegg)