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By Amlin Gray

Directed by Carole Rothman

With Bob GuntonDaniel Stern

Scenic Design by Patricia Woodbridge
Lighting Design by Victor En Yu Tan
Costume Design by Susan Denison
Sound Design by Gary Harris
Dance Sequence by Harry Streep III
Production Stage Manager Clifford M. Schwartz

"Amlin Gray's How I Got That Story is an explosion of young talent - in writing, directing and acting - and a bracing demonstration of what such talent can do when everything goes right." — Frank Rich, The New York Times

"How I Got That Story makes splendid use of that precious theatrical asset, the playgoer's imagination. Daniel Stern fixes his character with a goofy, all-American grin that, by the play's end, has become an eerie, all-too-American grimace. Bob Gunton is a pinwheel of energy and Cheshire-cat charms." — Richard Corliss, Time Magazine

"Two outstanding actors turn this production into a tour de force. Bob Gunton demonstrates a comic range reminiscent of the late Peter Sellers. Daniel Stern's sensitive performance gives the play continuity and focus. This two man play is charged with manic energy and seems to have a cast of hundreds. It is a great evening of theatre." — Lou Starkey, Radio Long Island


By William Finn

Directed by Judith Swift

Choreography by Sharon Kinney

With Kate DezinaKaren JablonsAlaina ReedJay O. Sanders

Scenic Design by Nancy Winters
Costume Design by Karen D. Miller
Lighting Design by Victor En Yu Tan
Orchestrations and Musical Direction by Michael Starobin
Audio-Visual Consultant Gary Harris
Production Stage Manager Belle Baxter
Casting by Meg Simon and Fran Kumin

A version of In Trousers was originally produced at Playwrights Horizons in 1979.

"A variety of songs become a dazzling musical portrayal of a young man's maturtation into adulthood. William Finn's lyrics excel as brilliant observations of the human condition and experiences." — Martin Gould, The Hollywood Reporter

"I have to admire Finn for refusing to make obvious choices, for insisting that the audience listen and think at the same time and for pulling off a wonderful coup de theatre: the audience discovers thatIn Trousers is a gay musical about the time that Marvin discovers he's gay." — Don Shewey, SoHo News

"A vibrant talent is alive on the stage." — Don Nelson, Daily News


By Michael Weller

Directed by Amy Saltz

With Richard Cox, Robyn GoodmanDaniel Hugh-KellyPenelope MilfordTimothy PhillipsRalph RobertsJohn Spencer

Scenic and Lighting Design by Niel Peter Jampolis
Costume Design by Judy Dearing
Sound Design by Gary Harris
Production Stage Manager David S. Rosenak
Casting by Meg Simon and Fran Kumin

"A lovely revival, loaded with meaty roles for the superb cast. The writing is magical: with the utmost economy and grace, Michael Weller has captured both the whimsy and pain of the drug experience, even as he exposes the longings and fears of two complicated people." — Frank Rich, The New York Times

"Amy Saltz has directed this revival with not one false performance. Richard Cox engages you immediately. He, Daniel Hugh-Kelly, and Penelope Milford make being together the most natural and also the most painful thing in the world." — Don Nelsen, Daily News

"Michael Weller has a strong gift for capturing the way his generation speaks and thinks. Fishing is a thoughtful piece of American dramatic writing, well worth reviving. Director Amy Saltz has caught all the play's moods, colors and nuances, making it an extremely satisfying evening of theater." — Howard Kissel, Women's Wear Daily





By Michael Dorn Moody

Directed by Leonard Peters

With Jeff Daniels, Emily Hacker, Daniel Hugh-Kelly, Jack R. MarksLynn MilgrimEdward Seamon

Scenic Design by Leslie Johnson
Costume Design by Irene Nolan
Lighting Design by Steve Shereff
Sound Design by Gary Harris
Production Stage Manager Gerard J. Campbell

This production was dedicated to Walter McGinn and John Cazale.

"The Shortchanged Review is a powerful, important commentary of the 'me' decade. It sharply depicts the shattering of dreams and ideals that once moved and directed this country to action in everyday life, as well as in politics." - Mike Perreca, The Setonian

"An explosive drama." - The West Side Weekly


By Michael Weller

Directed by Carole Rothman

With Brooke AdamsPamela BlairPolly DraperJohn HeardRick LiebermanPaul McCraneChip Zien

Scenic Design by Heidi Landesman
Costume Design by Irene Nolan
Lighting Design by Victor En Yu Tan
Sound Design by Gary Harris
Production Stage Manager Loretta Robertson

This production was dedicated to Carole L Kuebler.

"Split is the kind of show that makes you excited to be a theater-goer. John Heard is absolutely outstanding." - Joanna Langfield, WCMA

"Carole Rothman assembles an unusually strong cast for this production and handles them with an easy-going subtlety that precisely suits the author's intention." - Howard Waxman, Show Business

"Michael Weller has done his playwright colleagues a favor by proving in Split that people talk as well as they ever did. All that's needed for more good contemporary plays are playwrights who can organize the exchanges that are right in front of us." - Christopher Sharp, Women's Wear Daily

"A superior production." - Variety


By Corinne Jacker

Directed by Caymichael Patten

With Vic PolizosVerna BloomRobert Fields, Robyn Goodman, Lynn Milgri

Scenic Design by Michael Smith
Costume Design by Denise Romano
Lighting Design by Victor En Yu Tan
Sound Design by Gary Harris
Production Stage Manager Jonathan Silver

"Bits and Pieces jumps right into the audience's lap and stays there until the curtain falls. Any play that's as neatly designed and as thoroughly entertaining as Bits and Pieces deserves to be welcomed with open arms." - Robert Santelli, The Aquarian

"Corinne Jacker's characters are deftly fleshed out and wring the best from Jacker's wonderfully darkish humor." - Don Nelson, The Daily News

"Caymichael Patten has assembled a first-rate cast. Robyn Goodman, a tall and fiesty actress, manages to make Iris seem both irritating and tender; her sexual hunger for her husband is ravenous without ever being carnivorous. Robert Fields is a constant delight." - Frank Rich, The New York Times




By Wendy Kesselman

Directed by Inverna Lockpez and Carole Rothman

With Lisa BanesBrenda CurrinBeverly May, Elizabeth McGovern

Scenic Design by Jim Clayburgh
Costume Design by Susan Hilferty
Lighting Design by Arden Fingerhut
Sound Design by Gary Harris
Production Stage Manager Frederic H. Orner
Hair by Antonio Soddu
Stage Manager Judith Ann Chew
Casting by Meg Simon and Fran Kumin

First produced by Actors Theatre of Louisville.

This production was made possible in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts.

"Miss Banes and Miss McGovern are just right. Like Miss Kesselman's writing, they straddle a creepy, almost hallucinatory ground between Gothic melodrama and high farce. Though My Sister is full of grotesque events and shocking shifts of tone, its author negotiates most of her wild curves with ease." - Frank Rich, The New York Times

"A play of horrifying beauty, gorgeously designed." - Marilyn Stasio, New York Post

"My Sister in This House is a tight and powerful script in a delicate, mesmerizing mounting which boasts brilliant performances from all four actresses." - Tish Dace, Other Stages

"Wendy Kesselman's play never ceases to be fascinating. Elizabeth McGovern and Lisa Banes are brilliant." - Peter Wynne, The Record


By Susan Miller

Directed by Michael Kahn

With Kevin Bacon, Jean De BaerDaryl EdwardsRobyn GoodmanSam RobardsClare TimoneyMichael Tucker

Scenic and Costume Design by Ernest Allen Smith
Lighting Design by William Armstrong
Sound Design by Gary Harris
Production Stage Manager Larry Speigel
Stage Manager D. King Roger
Casting by Meg Simon and Fran Kumin

Previously produced in workshop by the Phoenix Repertory Company, The New York Shakespeare Festival, and the American Repertory Company in London.

This production was made possible in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts.

"Intelligent and carefully crafted." —Allan Wallach, Newsday

"Susan Miller's Flux is funny and tense and sad…(it) captures the essential interactions with lovers and other kinds of intimates more affectingly than any other new play of the season." — Tish Dace, Other Stages


By Deborah Eisenberg

Directed by Carole Rothman

With Elizabeth AustinChristine Estabrook, Jeffery FaheyJudith IveyTaylor MillerThoman WaitesDavid B. Hunt, Bjorn JohnsonPaul Loughlin

Scenic Design by Heidi Landesman
Costume Design by Nan Cibula
Lighting Design by Frances Aronson
Sound Design by Gary Harris
Production Stage Manager James McConnell-Clark Jr.
Stage Manager Rebecca Pease
Casting by Meg Simon and Fran Kumin

This production was made possible in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts.

"Deborah Eisenberg's first play, Pastorale, is what a first play should be: the discovery of a sensibility that intrigues and delights us…one of the freshest and funniest voices in some seasons." - Jack Kroll, Newsweek

"Deborah Eisenberg's comedy at The Second Stage is a blast of fresh air. I don't know where Miss Eisenberg comes from, but she has the most original, not to mention funniest, new comic voice to be heard in a New York theater…You're going to want to say you knew her when." - Frank Rich, The New York Times

"Carole Rothman has directed with wonderfully cartoonish tableaus and cunningly syncopated timing." - John Simon, New York Magazine


Written and Directed by David Mamet

With Patti LuPonePeter Weller

Scenic Design by Marjorie Bradley Kellogg
Costume Design by Clifford Capone
Lighting Design by Pat Collins
Fight Sequences by BH Barry
Production Stage Manager Daniel Morris
Stage Manager Kate Hancock
Casting by Meg Simon and Fran Kumin

This production was made possible in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts.

"Patti LuPone - her nerve ends shining like raindrops - gives a perfectly wound-up performance of tension before the breaking point."- Clive Barnes, New York Post

"The Woods is a play of complex shadings whose subliminal impact is enhanced by the abstract contours of the language. None of our young playwrights has as precise an understanding of the musical properties of language as David Mamet. His dialog is hard, sculpted, its rhythms shaped to propel the drama along." - Howard Kissel, Women's Wear Daily

"Patti LuPone is vibrant, tender, demanding, furious, and resigned by turn. And Peter Weller commands our attention at all times." - Douglas Watt, Daily News